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“Ifeoma ‘Ify’ Thorpe-White will visit St. Albans, Queens for a special event – Graduation”

Queens, NY – She will be the keynote speaker at the 35th Annual Kindergarten Graduation for Stepping Stone Pre & Grade School. 


Graduation information:

Date: Thursday June 29th 2017 at 10:00am 

Venue: The Roy Wilkins School P.S. 136Q, located at 201-15 115th Avenue, St. Albans NY 11411


Ifeoma Thorpe-White amazingly got accepted into all 8 Ivy League colleges.  However, Ify chose Harvard and will be attending there this fall.  We consider her to be a phenomenal young lady with a charismatic, charming personality and also very eloquent.  She will be excited to reflect on her pre-school experiences, as well as her early elementary education.  There is a definite link between that period of her life and the brilliance that has made her a household name, after all her media appearances. She will surely be a great inspiration to the graduates, students (Grades 1 – 3), parents and the general audience.  Our graduates will see Ify as a regular young lady, who also graduated from kindergarten, elementary, high school and now off to her choice…Harvard University.


Our theme this year will be “Aim High, Reach for the Stars.”  Who better to emphasize this but Ify.


For more information please contact:

Madge Warren/Director 

Chad Warren/Assistant Director 

Stepping Stone Pre & Grade School

114-28 Francis Lewis Blvd.

Cambria Heights, NY  11411


Phone: 718-465-2234

Fax: 718-465-0114

Email: or

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