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Parent Involvement

As primary educators and nurturers of their children, parent involvement is crucial to the success of all programs. The general goals and purposes of the Parent program will be as follows:


  • Have regular conferences to update child's progress.


  • Involve parents in the education of their children from the beginning to the end of the year. Get parent's input in matters relating to the curriculum. Encourage them to become active participants in the implementation of parts of the curriculum that deal with Social Studies, History, Culture and the Arts.


  • Provide parents with the resources and strategies they need for effective parenting skills through distribution of magazines, periodicals and related articles: Through workshops and conferences that address topics on parenting and parents role in child's education.


  • Encourage parents to plan events that reflect ethnic cultures. Make allowance for parent directed events such as "Culture Day", etc. Encourage active participation of parents.These goals will be addressed through Parent Bulletin boards, letters, workshop activities and by sharing communily resources.


A parent hand book gives parents concrete information on stepping Stone policies. Curriculum policies and goals will be discussed on an ongoing basis.


Parents will be encouraged to serve as volunteers especially on field trips.



To guarantee a good social and educational climate, students and parents must understand that an acceptable standard of behavior will be expected at all times. If a child or parent displays disrespectful, disruptive or aggressive behavior, the Director has the right to dismiss him/her in the interest of the school.


No form of corporal punishment will be used.



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