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Cultural Activities


Cultural activities will be planned in conjunction with parents. The following events will be planned in correlation with our Social Studies curriculum. These cultural events will help to develop children's understanding of families: How they may be similar in some ways but different in others. This will also help children to understand and appreciate people of different cultures or race.


December - Holiday programs depicting how the holidays are celebrated in different cultures.


February - Black History celebration with display of artifacts from different parts of the world. Program will include multicultural poetry, songs and drama.


March - Collages depicting lifestyles of people from different countries. Food, videos and music of multicultural nature will be provided on an ongoing basis.


Parents/grandparents and teachers will give a presentation on their particular culture. Definite effort will be made to coordinate possibly 2 trips to specific areas with high concentration of a specific race e.g. Chinatown, Harlem and Richmond Hill (Indians).


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