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To ensure the safety of our students and our staff, we have many surveillance cameras installed inside and outside of the building which includes but are not limited to:

  • Classrooms

  • Parameter of the building

  • Playground area

Along with the surveillance system, all the doors remained locked from the outside at all times with the exception of inner-door push releases in case of a fire or emergency. There is only way to gain entrance to the building which is monitored by a surveillance camera which also requires our staff to buzz you in.


Emergency Evacuation Plan

We are required to have an Emergency Plan in the event we have to evacuate our school building. This would only become necessary if there is a serious natural disaster or a terrorist attack that affect us.


We pray each day that we will never have to evacuate because of any the above reasons. However, I need to inform you that we have chosen the following locations as our Emergency Evacuation Sites:


  • High School for Humanities & Art @ Campus Magnet - 116th Ave & Francis Lewis Blvd. (2 blocks straight down from Stepping Stone) (718) 978-2135

  • Mt. Moriah Church - Francis Lewis & 116th Ave (Across from Campus Magnet H.S).


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