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2014 Fall Fundraising

Online Ordering Instructions:

Print this page so you will have Step-By-Step instructions before you click on the link below.





  1. You will be redirected to the Miss Chocolate Website.

  2. Click on any one of the BLUE shapes on the lefthand side of the screen such as Edible, Non-Edible, Chocolate, etc.

  3. Select your items.

  4. When your all done, click on Checkout.

  5. You will then be required to register. Registration will allow you to provide your shipping information as well the candy sellers Student ID number.

  6. Once you have registered, you will receive a message confirming your registration. Click on continue.

  7. You will now see a delivery information screen. CLICK ON STUDENT ID.

    A separate Student ID Look Up Window will open. This is where you will type in the student ID number. Use STEP 1 to type in the Student ID number and use STEP 2 to confirm that you enter the correct student ID number. If you have entered the number correctly, you should see the name of the seller appear under Student Name. If you see the correct name, go to STEP 3 and Select This Student ID.

  8. Review your order and then Click on Continue to go to the Payment section.

  9. Miss Chocolate accepts VISA, MATERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER Credit Cards.

  10. Enter your credit card information and click Continue


Thank you for participating in the Stepping Stone Pre & Grade School 2014 Fall Fundraiser!

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